Ninja Warrior Coffee!

About two and a half years ago I started drinking Coffee… I had put it off forever because I didn’t think I needed it. I’ve always loved the smell of fresh coffee, More than fresh baked cookies.

I’ve tried a lot of coffee from then to now. From Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts and every mom and pop fresh cup in the middle I could find. Most of them are the same. Each tasting like someone made a pot of coffee with some store processed grounds or beans and charged you 2-10 dollars for it. I’m not much for the sugary over the top flavors that have made Starbucks and DD the juggernauts they are, even if they go good with a dessert, Fresh flavor from the coffee beans is all I’ve needed.

So I’ve searched for that Coffee that not only has that full flavor smell but the full flavor taste that doesn’t require ungodly amounts of sugar or creamer but at the most a pinch or teaspoon full. In my searching, I have found Ninja Warrior Coffee Roasters!

They have everything you could want from Fresh beans to cold brew.

If you love the full flavor taste of coffee or just enjoy that morning cup to wake you up then check out Ninja Warrior Coffee Roasters! They are a small local South Carolina business.

They import the finest coffee beans and roast them themselves so when you get a cup or bag you are getting it fresh.


The passion of the owners Stewart and Erin Armstrong can change your relationship with coffee

You can find them at the Easley Farmers market in Downtown Easley South Carolina for a cup of coffee and wonderful conversation or feel free to order it from the Ninja Warrior Coffee Roasters site. While you’re at it check out the NWCR Swag!


Check them out on Facebook and Instagram


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