My tips for Travel!

I’ve only been a few places (So Far) but I’ve learned a few things that have made life away from home so much better.


  1. Air BNB – We’ve stayed in AirBNB’s the last few times we’ve traveled and its been hands down the best thing we could do. We managed to stay in or just a block or two away from downtown every place we’ve been.
  2. Get tickets and passes for things ahead of time. We’ve taken tours, been to museums and everything in between and by getting our tickets even a day beforehand we were able to cut out so much time waiting in line. The Vatican alone took us 15 minutes to get in when some people waited for hours.
  3. Book transport tickets months in advance. If you haven’t noticed most websites will slowly go up on prices for air far each time you go back and look at it. Trains and buses I have noticed do the same.
  4. Pay with Cash! I’ve always been big on paying with Cash because you spend less when you can see the money leaving you. You can always pay with a card but people tend to spend so much more that way.
  5. Give yourself time to get lost. No matter how much you plan a trip out you need to allow time to get lost and find the beauty in each place you go. Some of the greatest moments I’ve had traveling have come from just getting lost

Please let me know your tips for traveling!

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