Let’s Talk Podcasts updated

I know everyone has things that take them into their own world from Music, Art, Reading, writing, just something you can focus on to escape.


I find this with so many things but today I want to talk about Podcasts.

When I’m traveling or working or at the gym I have a love for podcasts.

I wanted to give a list of my favorites at this moment and see if you can give me some new ones you believe I might enjoy.

My Top 8 (the Myspace generation will understand that)

  1. The Leviathan Chronicles
  2. Dark Tome
  3. Limetown
  4. The Black Tapes
  5. Tanis
  6. Rabbits
  7. Wolverine: The Long Night
  8. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


If you couldn’t tell I enjoy a good storytelling

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